Get Pale White Skin Quickly **subliminal**

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This subliminal contains the following affirmations:
-Pale white skin (your skin will get paler and whiter)
-Moisturised and baby smooth skin
-Get rid of any imperfections on your skin
-Get rid of any acne on skin
-Make your skin appear airbrushed

FAQ~Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How long do I have to listen for a subliminal for?
A-In my opinion, listening for one hour is good, however you can listen for as long as you want, as long as you do not exceed 12 hours.

Q-Can I listen to subliminals without any headphones or if only one ear is working?
A-Yes, however it is better to listen with headphones. If the subliminal doesn't contain binaural beats, then you can listen with one ear.

Q-How long until I get results?
A- It depends on each person, and what subliminal you are using. For example, a subliminal for clear skin may work faster than an MTF sub. On average, it takes 21 days for affirmations to sink into the subconscious.

Q- How do I request a subliminal?
A-You can email me at: , or you can use the Google Request Form which is located on my channel.