Flawless, Pale Skin

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Transform yourself and get flawless, pale skin with this subliminal! The affirmations are very specific and designed to give you very fast results. Drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in Vitamin C and also green tea. Have fun~

Affirmations include:
-acceptance of affirmations
-transformation by affirmations
-faith and belief in transformation
-positivity in transformation
-blockage removal
*Get rid of any imperfection on skin and body:
-teenage acne
-blackheads and whiteheads
-stretch marks
-unwanted moles, freckles, beauty marks and birth marks (this will only be removed if you desire it to be removed)
-redness and irritation
-varicose veins
-age spots
-sun spots
-dark marks
-birth marks
-enlarged pores
-any unwanted imperfection
-improvement of epidermis layer of skin
-dark knees, elbows and knuckles
-strawberry legs and arms
-acne scars
*Get rid of eye bags and improve eye area:
-eye lift
-thicker skin around eyes(thin skin makes dark circles appear)
-reduction of melanin around eyes
-excess skin around eye shrinks and tightens
-sagging skin firms and tightens
-drooping skin firms and tightens
-skin rejuvenation
-wrinkles around eyes disappear and smooth out
-epidermis layer around eyelids rejuvenating
-puffiness shrinks and disappears
-eyes reverse aging
-youthful and plump skin around eyes
-lymph glands drain unnecessary liquids
-firm fatty tissue
*Pale skin:
-reduction of melanin and melanocytes
-resistant against UV radiation
-resistant against sunlight
-resistant against free radicals
-absorb Vitamin D from sunlight while still being resistant
-safe transformation to pale skin
-skin changes evenly
-even skin tone
-DNA changes to cool, pale skin type
-absorb more calcium
-absorb Vitamin C
-skin develop natural SPF
-hormonal balance
-tanned skin turns into pale skin
-fast results
-best results
-permanent results
-definite results

More specific affirmations
Get rid of any imperfection on skin and body
Sebaceous glands regulating
Ceasing of excess production of oil in glands
Ceasing of overproduction of androgen hormone
Restoration of collagen
Epidermis layer (top layer of skin) renewal
Ceasing of overproduction of melanin (hyperpigmentation)
Get rid of eye bags and improve eye area:
Orbits around eye decrease in swelling
Lymphatic drainage
Pale skin:
Subliminal performing natural bleaching treatment
-ceasing of depositing of eumelanin in this dermis
-skin shades lighter by the restricting of melanin
Melanin reducing to achieve pale skin

Things to know:
-This subliminal is downloadable
-It can be listened to with one earbud or speakers
-It does not contain frequencies or binaurals
-You must know basic English to listen
-Works at any age
-You can listen overnight
-It is unisex


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