How To Use A YoYo Hand Reel To Catch Black Drum

The yoyo hand reel (aka Cuban Yo-Yo) has been around for ages. In fact, using a hand reel was the primary way to catch fish for many years (before these nice ...

Learn Three One Handed Laceration Style Binds

Learn how to do 3 different one handed laceration style binds.http://YoYoTricks.com Get the Canon Yoyo in this video: ...

yoyohand 銅銀飾保養-銅油篇

yoyohand 銅.銀飾品保養教學⊕ 話說飾品暗了.黑了怎麼辦!!!!! 夏天到來.又常下雨的潮濕.悶熱天氣免不期然常常流汗會覺得飾品暗...

YoYo Hand Ball

YoYo Hand Ball http://www.dhgate.com/product/2017-fidget-toys-begleri-led-thumb-chucks/400349098.html.

yoyohand 銅銀飾品保養-擦銀布篇

yoyohand 銅.銀飾品保養教學⊕ 話說飾品暗了.黑了怎麼辦!!!!! 夏天到來.又常下雨的潮濕.悶熱天氣免不期然常常流汗會覺得飾品暗...

Schnüre an YoYo Hand und Counterweight machen

Wie macht man die Schnüre am YoYo fest? Und an der Hand? Und am Counterweight? Hier wird's erklärt!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: 5×11 - YoYo loses both her hands!! 💔😥

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Season 5 Episode 11 - "All the Comforts of Home" Ruby, daughter of General Hale, questions her mother about her assignment ...

yoyohand 銅銀飾保養-菜瓜布篇

yoyohand 銅.銀飾品保養教學⊕ 話說飾品暗了.黑了怎麼辦!!!!! 夏天到來.又常下雨的潮濕.悶熱天氣免不期然常常流汗會覺得飾品暗...

iYoyo: "iYoyo2" Unboxing

So the iYoyo2 is iYoyo's budget end metal. A super smooth and nimble throw that actually comes stock responsive, but is fully equiped to be high end ...

yoyohand 豐盛之眼篇

yoyohand分享⊕ 手作戒指:豐盛之眼篇所看出去的世界.皆是豐盛富足的不管是人.愛.心靈.財富... 我們所要的都豐盛有餘⊕ yoyohand...

yoyohand 銅銀飾品保養-牙刷篇

yoyohand 銅.銀飾品保養教學⊕ 話說飾品暗了.黑了怎麼辦!!!!! 夏天到來.又常下雨的潮濕.悶熱天氣免不期然常常流汗會覺得飾品暗...

Cabuya Casting Handlines

Check them out here: www.cabuyafishing.com.

Cuban Yo-yo

Fishing by hand for the first time... Very handy under bridges!

How to do Yoyo Finger Spins - Horizontal Yoyo Trick

Learn how to do the popular horizontal grind trick, known as Finger Spins. https://YoYoTricks.com Get the Atlas Yoyo in this video: ...



Making Fish Jerky on A Sailboat - "BUMS KITCHEN"

Here is our first installment of "Bums Kitchen". In this we make FISH JERKEY! Equipment Used -Yoyo hand reel -1 Fiddler Crab -1 Circle Hook -Billy Club -Filet ...

Wooden yoyo

yoyo:hand made wooden yoyo music by 44Nollie.

NEW Fishing Hand Reel | YoYo Style

Fishing my new yoyo style Spinning Hand Reel. Hand reel fishing. This hand reel is similar to a spool with line. Similar to the yoyo hand reel used in the good ...

Taka's AP footage for iPad-Yoyo hand

Taka's AP footage for iPad-Yoyo hand. Same footage as I used at contest. If you have 2 iPhone or ipad,you can do virtual yoyo. APで使った手の動画です。

Cuban Yo-Yo Hand reel

A simple primitive device for hand linning. And as I said before sometimes simple things work better. Not a lot to it but basic applications of physics.

Yoyo hand spinner

Salut à tous avec l hand spinner on peut faire un yoyo.

How To Rig a Cuban Yoyo

Paternoster rig work well with handlines. Here's how I do it. Techflex 5/16 tubing for slinky weights http://blackwarriorlures.com/product/slinky-weight-material/ ...

Wait 'Til You See How This Massive Bull Redfish Was Caught!

If you want to see how to catch redfish the "lucky" way, then check out this video! Some days the bite goes your way and some days you can't buy a bite.


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