InnFocus MicroShunt Glaucoma

Surgical technique of the InnFocus Glaucoma MicroShunt. With a unique biocompatible SIBS material, and a flow restrictor 70um lumen, this device appears to ...

InnFocus MicroShunt Implantation Technique - 2016 Compilation

Progress of InnFocus’ MicroShunt

Russ Trenary, president and CEO of InnFocus, updated OIS@ASCRS on the progress of MicroShunt, which the company says could be the first and only ...

Subconjunctival Implants for Glaucoma [InnFocus MicroShunt®, Xen 45 Gel Stent]

Dr. David Richardson, one of the country's leading ophthalmologists, discusses Subconjunctival Implants for Glaucoma. Part 11 of 12 of "What's New In ...

iStent Supra, Hydrus Microstent, and InnFocus MicroShunt

Part 13 of 14 of “Adjusting the Faucet – Currently Available Methods to Treat the Plumbing Problem of Open Angle Glaucoma” | A San Gabriel Valley Optometric ...

Eyewire Today Innfocus Microshunt

Latest News - Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - InnFocus Inc. provides updates on its MicroShunt glaucoma drainage implant. Segment taken from ...

Baerveldt tube and Innfocus MicroShunt side by side

The Innfocus MicroShunt in the anterior chamber (above and to the right) is much smaller than the Baerveldt Glaucoma Implant or other conventional aqueous ...

InnFocus MicroShunt bleb and anterior chamber appearance

Several months after surgery.

XEN Gel Implantation

New hope for glaucoma patients.

Combined Phaco-trabeculectomy Ike Ahmed 1080pN

Surgical technique for combined cataract extraction, IOL implantation and MMC trabeculectomy. Select 1080p HD resolution for best quality.

Combined Cataract Surgery & Inferonasal Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Ike Ahmed 720pN

Select 720p HD playback quality. Surgical technique for combined phacoemulsification, intraocular lens, and Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (model FP-7). In this case ...

Express glaucoma shunt by Dr Ahmed elmassry April 2017

Gernot Richter (Germany) Восток Запад 2014

Evaluation and Surgical Technique of Gold Micro Shunt (GMS) Implantation for IOP Reduction.

Xen Glaucoma Surgery: Ideal Subconjunctival Placement

We have found placing the Xen, an ab-interno subconjunctival MIGS procedure, as supra-Tenon's or subconjunctival as possible results in further IOP-lowering.

Bilateral InnFocus MicroShunts 5 months after implantation

This patient has a MicroShunt in each eye, both functioning well 5 months after surgery. December 2016.

InnFocus - OIS@ASCRS 2015

The MicroShunt has just completed enrollment (n=75) in a pivotal study, and is the only device to be directly compared to trabeculectomy. The device has been ...

InnFocus (Santen) Microshunts in both eyes in uveitic glaucoma

Diffuse blebs. 12 months after surgery.

iStent inject - patient perspective

How does a glaucoma patient experience the surgery? What is to be expected to happen?

Open Xen Implantation

In certain high risk eyes, an open approach to Xen implantation may be used to ensure proper placement (avoiding intra-Tenon's placement) and optionally ...

ESCRS 2016 Isabelle Riss Interview Part 1

Isabelle Riss discusses mechanism of action, advantages and limitations of the InnFocus MicroShunt®.

Xen45 Gel stent glaucoma filtration device live implantation Lukan Mishev Live Stream

Ophthalmic surgery.

CyPass Micro-Stent insertion technique

This a surgeon training video on the implantation technique for the newly FDA approved CyPass Micro-Stent designed for the control of eye pressure in patients ...