Faltpuzzle "Stone's Flexatube"

Beschreibung: Umstülpen der Würfelflächen mit der Technik des Papierfaltens . http://www.klaaroo.de.

Flexatube Solution

This video presents the flexatube puzzle, AND its solution. If you want to solve it yourself, check out my other video, "Flexatube Introduction" which doesn't ...

solving the tritetraflexatube

easiest way for all u struggling.

Flexatube Introduction

The flexatube is a puzzle. The challenge is to turn it inside-out by performing a series of folds along the creases. This video presents only the puzzle, and a bit of ...

Flexatube フレクサチューブ



A cyclic square flexagon with six faces.

8 sided Triangle Pentaflexagon

Shows how to solve the 8 sided triangle pentaflexagon. http://loki3.com/flex/penta.html.


Shows some of the possible puzzles and flexes on a 10 sided decaflexagon. http://loki3.com/flex/deca.html.


畳んでいくと裏返る立方体です。 型紙は↓こちらにあります。 http://www3.atwiki.jp/cloud9science/pages/75.html.

Konference Elixír do škol 2017 - dílna Katky Lipertové - Papírová geometrie

Spoustu geometrické krásy a radosti si můžete užít i s kusem papíru! Jeho skládáním a stříháním se dají vytvořit zajímavá geometrická tělesa a obrazce, ...

Флексагоны на www.nevinka.net

Бумажный трансформер или как я экономил деньги на кубик Рубика.

My First hexa flexa hexagon

I saw someone do a video of a hexa flexa hexagon. I thought it was pretty cool so I made one myself but, it is Incredibly hard to get all the sides and all the ...

TRANSFORMING CIRCLE | maths working model

this model of transforming circle is very easy to make any child can make it at home and learn fractions understand many properties of circle and play for hours it ...

The puzzle which arranges words 文字あわせパズル

4つの同じ文字を正方形にそろえるパズルです。 詳しくはこちら↓ http://www3.atwiki.jp/cloud9science/pages/134.html.

Inspiring creations tetra video.wmv

A 3 minute video showing you various ideas on using the tetratetraflexagon fold. Amazing and just fun to play with! Download your template from http://www.

flat-chain puzzle フラットチェーン・パズル

紙製の輪が2つつながったパズルです。Kohfuh さんの作品です。 詳しくはこちら↓ http://www3.atwiki.jp/cloud9science/pages/129.html.

le flexacube

Voici le résultat de la fabrication du flexacube au centre périscolaire de l'école Parc Suzanne à Argelès Gazost.

Number 7 - Dee Cube Brainteaser

How to make No. 7 with the Dee Cube brainteaser. Dee Cube has 15 different pieces, including the 7 of the Soma cube. You can make all the other numbers as ...


Not quite gaussian curve ?????

Sticks and Stacks

This part of phase 2 shows the solution for one phrase and what to do next to set the puzzle for additional phrases. I need 32 phrases to complete this puzzle ...

Gathering for Gardner

Conference of recreational intellectuals to honor Martin Gardner. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Th... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinkFun Instagram: ...

立体パズル リトルRO-BO(リトルロボ)

originalwoodworking 中山カズト が制作しました。

How to make an origami flexigon Pt. 1

how to make a origami flexigon.

Flyping-Games Cubus mit eingeschriebenem Ikosaeder (173)

Vorstellung eines Kubus mit eingeschriebenem Ikosaeder von Dieter Junker in Leo Pinkertons KunstKabinett, Frankfurt.