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Puri x Jhorrmountain x Adje - Coño (Official Audio)

Puri x Jhorrmountain x Adje - Coño is OUT NOW! Like this track? Add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE: ...

Top 10 Signs That You Are Conyo

NEW VIDEO EVERY FRIDAY! Welcome back to The Antonio Duo Pinoy Top 10! For this video, we count down the top 10 signs that you are conyo. Do you agree ...

Bogart the Explorer - The Philippine Conyo

BOGART GANGNAM STYLE! The Philippine Conyo(Tsongus paredudus) is the most snobbish and narcissistic ...

How To Be A Conyo

Conyo is used in the Philippines as a semi-derogatory term for people who seem to be high-class & vain or conscious about their social status & speak in taglish.

Puri x JHORRMOUNTAIN x Adje - Coño (Official Video)

Stream Coño: CREDITS. Director: Caio Silvs Co-director: Fergus Riem Vis Producer: Pearl Minaj D.O.P.: Michel Blom 1st ...

Episode #4 | Conyo Cellphone Users vs. Jeje Cellphone Users | Clash of Class

3l0w p0wH! Sa episode na ito, titingnan natin ang pagkakaiba ng conyo at jeje cellphone users. Laglagan na sa text, Gballs! Ang saya ng orig, di ba? For more ...


IMPORTANT! READ ME!!!!!* YEHEEEEY! NEW VIDEO!!! I got the idea to make this from a Facebook post that I came across to which says "Top 10 ...

Episode #3 | Conyo Couples vs. Mag-jowa | Clash of Class

Mapa-babe o m@H@L_qu0H_oNz3h man kayo ng jowa mo, siguradong makaka-relate kayo. Usapang dating, pag-ibig, at kalandian tayo ngayon sa ikatlong ...


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Al Moralde Conyo Rich Kids Compilation

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College Students React to Conyo

Final Project for Lingg 1 under Prof. Vincent Santiago. Special thanks to Blacky, Carl, Maria, Dani, Pat, Jake, Frances, Gio Dellosa, Errol, and Beth. :)

How to Speak Conyo: Understanding Conyo Language with foreigner Chris Urbano (TOTES FUN!)

BV, GV, FAMBAM, TOTES! What are these kids saying??? Tagalog speaking Aussie Chris Urbano, host of Maputing Cooking ( ...

How To Speak Like A Teenage Conyo

May 27, 2012: Don't understand your conyotic friends? Here's a video on how to speak like them!

The Conyo Cookie - Episode 1 "Anatomy of Conyo"

The Conyo Cookie - Episode 1.

Wow Mali: Conyo Drivers

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Mga Pasimple (Conyo vs. Jologs)

It's funny how people react differently to the same situation/s. :) That's how i came up with this video. Btw, THIS IS JUST AN ACT. I hope you don't get offended.

The New Conyo | AirTV

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How to Speak Conyo by Jenny Savinsky

Hi it's Jenny Savinsky! Credits to whoever made this. I hope you guys enjoy. HATERS GONNA HATE. Potatoes gonna potate. This is just for fun :D No harsh ...

Davao Conyo Wag mo akong ma Terry terry bisaya dub

Davao COnyo Wag mo akong ma terry terry Zha zha padilla at maricel Soriano.

Scarlet Snow Talking in Chinese and Being Conyo

Such a natural born entertainer.

How to Be Conyo on a Budget

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Davao Conyo Wild Flower Bisaya dubbed

Bisaya convo wildflower edition by Philip Te Hernandez.

Do you know your conyo ???

our project in Social Science with the topic all about conyo.

Conyos Of The Philippines

A Video about Conyos in the Philippines. Don't forget to like the video, comment and share the video to all of your Conyo friends pa more!